Hello, I’m Toygar Kabaş

I work as a director and a film producer. I am a founder of Filmiga, a company based in Istanbul and makes video contents and movies.

While I was still studying at the university, I have met with the ‘cinema’ that I have always been curious about and was selected for the workshop called Akbank Art – Short Film Workshop.

In 2010, I came across with Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association (İFSAK) and worked as an assistant instructor in scripts, short films and film analysis workshops until 2014. In addition, I took charge in several short film projects and short film festivals that was organized at İFSAK.

I graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Mathematics with bachelors degree. During my university education, I had training about the topics -short film production, production design, film analysis, makeup, photography and cinematography- at several institutions such as MSFAU, Akbank Art, İFSAK, İf İstanbul, Istanbul Media Academy.

I took part in the process of establishing the Short Film Collective, a short film festival that was sponsored by the Municipality of Kadıköy between 2015 and 2019. There, I worked as a visual content coordinator and an event organization coordinator. We organized festivals, interviews, workshops and exhibitions at the Short Film Collective.

In approximately twenty amateur and professional short films, documentaries and video art projects, I worked as a voice recorder, boom operator, cameraman, lightman, actor and as a producer.

Since 2017, I have been organizing stop-motion animation and video making workshops for children of different ages at different Culture and Art Centers of Kadıköy Municipality.  I have also coordinated timelapse, stop-motion, videography workshops at different organizations.  Besides, I worked as a guest lecturer about the topic of stop-motion animation at Yıldız Technical University.

I both wrote and directed two fictional short films named “Deadline” and “Pine Cone”.